Vecpilsētas Street 14, Jelgava

Vecpilsētas Street is one of the few places in Jelgava where 18th - 19th century wooden architecture is preserved. The house at Vecpilsētas Street 14 has been recently renovated, it has undergone extensive restoration works that not just preserved the building and made it available to visitors, but also exposed for examination many architectural elements that reveal the history of the house.

The exposition developed by Dd for design contest emphasizes the multi-layered history of the building's construction and occupancy. Objects and installations of the exhibition are designed to fit into the unusual environment and not to interfere with the presentation of the authentic elements of the building. The exhibition widely uses natural materials, the exhibits are displayed on bases made of latticework that creates an impression of airiness in the display, several transparent screens are used in the exhibition, and they also create an airy atmosphere. The most important and interesting elements of the house exposed in the restoration are highlighted and QR codes placed next to them. Using an application created especially for this exhibition, visitors can scan these QR codes and learn more about the construction of the building and the findings of the restoration.