Project for Exhibition of Applied Art

Latvian National Centre of Culture plans the Exhibition of Applied Art as one of the most important events where formation and development of folk applied art will be displayed in one single exhibition room, and that will take place during summer of the XXVI Nationwide Latvian Song and XVI Dance Festival. Dd proposal is visually impressively demonstrate folk applied art as a knowledge-based creative activity in which individual craftsman’s creativity cannot be separated from the previous generations and heritage of practical knowledge, skills and values.

Exhibits are arranged according to thematic and geographical layout. It is designed as a network of stop-points; each point is tied to a specific place in Latvia. At the same time they are showing a variety of applied arts – handicrafts, textiles, wooden artwork, metal processing, jewellery, pottery, leather processing. Each stop-point on one hand represents richness and diversity of Latvian folk applied art and on the other hand offers several informative and interactive tools that allows visitors to get insights on the specific areas of applied art and get knowledge that these areas provide.