Project for the permanent exhibition at the Chapel of Preiļi Manor

The Chapel of Preiļi Manor is listed as a national monument of architecture. Dd has created a project for the permanent exhibition at the Crypt of Borch family, the historic owners of the manor. The crypt is located in the basement of the chapel. The aim of the exhibition is to preserve as much as possible of the current environment of the room and its atmosphere of a crypt. For the convenience of visitors, most of the exhibition is arranged on a metallic construction that encircles the central part of the crypt which is lower than the rest of the room. This construction has an additional function of outlining the shape of the building that stood here before the chapel was built in 1817. The remains of the earlier building was uncovered during archaeological excavations.

Content-wise the exhibition consists of three main parts: History of the Chapel, Borch Farmily, and Preiļi Manor. Alongside these main topics, visitors can learn some of the legends that are still remembered about the old aristocratic family and their manor. By switching on any of four installations, they can listen to a short audio story and watch a projection on the central dome of the crypt.