Project for the permanent exhibition “Latvian Provisional Government in Liepaja”

The exhibition tells about the period of time in 1919, when for six months Liepaja became the capital of Latvia. It sheltered the provisional government of the newly established independent republic. This is an eventful, extremely important but also very difficult period in Latvian history. The exhibition explains the complex political situation of the time and recounts the sequence of events.

Two rooms at Liepaja History and Art Museum are allotted to the exhibition. In each of them, emotionally effective environment has been created. Visual images used in the exhibition help to conjure the atmosphere of this historic period. The first room focuses on the establishment of the Republic of Latvia and its government, here the main visual motive is decorative art by Ansis Cirulis. Second room depicts the time when the new government stayed on the ship "Saratov". Here the atmosphere is more tense, and visitors find themselves in an abstract ship’s cabin witnessing deliberations of the first Latvian government.