Project for the Permanent Exhibition of Narva Castle

Narva Museum is located in the historical and well-preserved building of Narva Castle. The authenticity of the place is a resource one cannot replace with anything else. It is important to preserve its authentic character and still it is important to produce this sense of wonder and magic that visitors expect to find in a medieval castle. For this reason the main principle of our proposal is to create a variety of visual, scenographic, emotionally engaging and interactive environments that together turn the area allocated for the permanent exhibition into a space of adventure and exploration. Every environment is organized around some historic and informative scene that in turn is enveloped in an ambient atmosphere that encourages visitors to imagine.

The atmosphere of the exhibition rooms is created using the whole spectrum of contemporary museum design techniques, both analogue and digital. Traditional methods of presenting texts and exhibits are combined with methods that can be characterized as scenographic – the ambience of the rooms is created using different means of architectonic and graphic design and lighting.