Project for the permanent exhibition of the LNMA

After extensive restauration, the Latvian National Museum of Art prepares to receive visitors. Dd has won a contract for development of the project of the permanent exhibition of the museum. The project is based on the idea that the central focus of the new exhibition should be on artworks themselves but they will be immersed within a multimedia infrastructure that will enhance visitors’ experience without impeding the enjoyment of the unique artworks from museum’s collection.

The renovated museum has several exhibition areas, and the architectural character of the historic building is very different from the new annex. Even within the historic part of the museum there are rooms with quite different interiors and atmosphere. The new exhibition respects the diversity of the museum’s architecture and does not try to compete with it, but it creates an integrated and modern display which is user-friendly. It is achieved by considered and effective use of partitions, display stands, touch screens, annotations and signage.

In the passageway near the repository of the museum, there is an animated projection that is interactive and responds to the movements of passer-by. The projection is created from the names of artists whose works are kept in the museum’s repository.