Lithuania House of Basketball

The legendary basketball team “┼Żalgeris” is based in Kaunas, and basketball has become part of the national identity of Lithuanians. And now a new multimedia centre of educational entertainment, called the Lithuania House of Basketball, is under construction in Kaunas. Its visitors will be able to learn about the history of Lithuanian basketball and practically experience many sides of the game.

The exhibition is mainly focused on interactivity and active participation of visitors. On the ground floor, they can examine the most important sports trophies won by Lithuanian players and watch a 5D video on the most notable moments of the Lithuanian basketball history. There is also an opportunity to throw a ball into a real historic hoop. On the first floor, visitors find themselves inside a stylized locker room with a virtual coach instructing them. They can continue to test their agility, speed of reaction and strength; as well as compare themselves with some of the stars of Lithuanian basketball. Visitors can play or watch Xbox basketball games and participate in a variety of interactive installations and multimedia games.