Permanent exhibition project for multifunctional nature tourism centre at Kemeri

Dd studio has completed an exhibition design project for the Kemeri multifunctional nature tourism centre in Jurmala. The concept of the project is based on four principles: information, education, involvement, and entertainment. The exhibition is designed as an environment that encourages visitors to explore the nature of Jurmala both inside the centre and beyond its walls. It is structured as a journey through a variety of biotopes that characterizes Jurmala – bogs, the sea shore, meadows, woods, rivers and lakes. There are separate sections dedicated to environment protection and climate change. The content of the exhibition is very rich thanks to participation of researchers from the University of Latvia, and so one of the main tasks for the project was to find a simple and effective way to present this content.

The exhibition consists of several environments, each of them has its distinctive atmosphere. Throughout the exhibition the contemporary media are placed next to natural materials and exhibits that can be engaged with physically and not just virtually. A water-filled shallow, paddling pool creates the central axis of the exhibition and represents a river. In the section that tells about the Baltic Sea cost, visitors can experiences an immersive projection of a sea storm that is replaced by the sunny weather of the Baltic summer. They can witness the secret life of the underground and virtually interact with the internet of roots, or using VR headsets explore the waters of Jurmala lakes. But there are also many natural elements like, for example, terrariums with live insects and a display case with a real sample of a cross-section of the soil of the Great Kemeri Bog.