Permanent exhibition project for the Museum of the Book

The permanent exhibition project developed by Dd project for the Museum of the Book of the National Library aims to create a museum that reveals the world of the book in all its diversity and complexity. Traditional museums of books concentrate on the display of the collection of a particular library, but this permanent exhibition project emphasizes the intellectual, cultural, historic, and technological contexts of the book which are characterized mostly through the history of the book in Latvia. The exhibition is made to arouse in any visitor interest in the topic.

The exhibition consists of several distinctive atmospheric environments that relate to specific topics and periods of the history of the book. Every environment is built around a central image that incites visitors to react emotionally and not just intellectually. In order to demonstrate the cultural and historic contexts of books, a wide range of contemporary museum technologies and display methods are used. At the same time, a substantial part of the permanent exhibition is reserved for the display of original books from the collection of the library.