Project for Historical Exhibition of the Eleja Manor in the Exhibition Hall

The current Eleja manor complex was designed in the beginning of the 19th century and once recognized as the pearl of Kurzeme’s classicism and an excellent example of construction in Europe. During World War I in 1915 the buildings were destroyed. The Tea House and stone fence in the park were reconstructed, but the park can still boast of more than 1 200 trees of different species and 15 great trees. In the new exhibition hall of the manor park, a historical exhibition about the Eleja manor complex and the important people in its development will be created.

The visual reference of the solution proposed by Dd for design contest is based on the fact that Eleja Park in the Zemgale plain was like a green island, therefore natural colours and materials were used, in order to ensure the multi-functionality of the premises, additional structures were created in the space – exhibition is placed on the closable information boards. When the boards are closed, the space can host events or other exhibitions. The history of the manor complex is presented using various interactive elements that intend the participation of visitors. In the second room of the building, a multimedia has been created, it introduces the life and professional activity of the architect of Eleja manor park, Georg Kuphaldt.