Digital exhibition project for Aspazia Memorial House in Dubulti

The house in Dubulti that once belonged to the famous Latvian poet Aspazia and was her last home now accommodates a memorial museum dedicated to her. Dd project has created a project of the digital exhibition of this museum. The aim of the digital media is to enrich the permanent exhibition by providing additional information on exhibits displayed and by creating a virtual presence of the poet in the rooms where she once dwelled. In order to achieve this, a variety of contemporary museum display technologies including projections and holograms are used.

The conception of the digital exhibition emphasizes communication as a major objective of a contemporary museum. By supplementing the façade and environment of the museum with diverse design and multimedia elements, we create a museum that is never closed and even an accidental passer-by can become a visitor to the museum. Inside the museum, the exhibition becomes interactive because of the way QR codes and other interactive media are used in it.