Dd project offers high quality exhibition and museum design projects. 


Dd project was established in the process of expanding our area of expertise that initially was limited to the development of digital multimedia. Today we create complex design products that include digital multimedia as one of the elements. Every project we work on is unique. Professionals of various fields are involved in the development of each project, and their individual experience and coordinated work allow us to create high quality design products.


Our clients are looking for unique products and an individual approach. Each one of our works is created in close collaboration with the client. Only by maintaining a constant dialogue with clients it is possible to create products that meet their specific needs and correspond to a context and audience for which the product is intended.

Integrated approach

Our experience in carrying out a variety of projects has shown us the need for an integrated approach in creating a complex product with high standards. In our projects, we combine digital and traditional design so that they complement each other. Media architecture is developed on the basis of content research, and the requirements of production are fully taken into account. Over the years, Dd project has created a team that is capable of implementing such an integrated approach.


Our main area of expertise is exhibition and museum design. We create projects for temporary and permanent exhibitions, digital exhibitions and their elements. Exhibition and museum design today involves designing of multimedia programs and games, digital presentations and animations, graphic designs and environments. Dd project develops projects for a full range of these design products.


The success of the project depends on the product bringing its story to life. Such a story needs to be contemporary, compelling and emotional – one that can appeal to viewers while also enriching their experience. The story brings texts, images, sounds and animation together as a whole and provides them with meaning. This ability to find the right story is what helps us to create high quality design products.

Our successes

Dd project successfully works both in Latvia and internationally. We have developed such important projects as the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the Popular Front of Latvia and the permanent exhibition of the Petroglyph Museum of Gobustan in Azerbaijan. In 2013, the Petroglyph Museum received a special prize at the EMYA 2013 (European Museum of the Year Award).

Our clients

  • Administration of Icherisheher, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Balvi Town Council
  • Bank of Latvia
  • Jēkabpils History museum
  • Jelgava City Council
  • Jūrmala City Museum
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Museum of the Popular Front of Latvia
  • Riga Culture Agency
  • Riga Motormuseum