Dd project specialises in developing design projects for exhibitions, museums, digital exhibitions and their elements. Our end product is an exhibition of high artistic and design quality, with content adapted to the exhibition’s aims. It is well-structured, clearly presented and user-friendly. Each project’s development involves stages of research and design.


Research is the project development phase during which the project specifics are studied, aims are formulated and the materials necessary for the development of the project gathered. Within this phase, close cooperation with the client is of key importance. The range of specialists necessary for the project is agreed on and a working team for the respective project is created.


Design is the phase of project development during which solutions are found to the problems identified during the research phase. A concept is created based on the project’s aims, which includes choosing the most appropriate situation-specific visual image, message, story development and structure for the final product. Finally, the technical project is prepared.

Services by Dd project

Exhibitions and museums

  • Exhibition and museum design 
  • Content research and design
  • Functional planning of exhibitions
  • Development of the exhibitions’ media plan
  • Interior and lighting design and development
  • Preparation of the technical project